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Hi, I'm Sandra.

I've been working in physiotherapy since 2011. Over the past 12+ years, I've gained extensive experience in various settings, starting at a sports clinic for a year before working at a hospital for nine years. I then transitioned into home care for 10 months while simultaneously opening my own home office just three months after starting my home care work. As someone who's always been fascinated by the human body and its capabilities, I decided to specialize in pelvic floor physiotherapy and have completed multiple certifications in this area.

My ultimate goal is to help people recover and minimize their problems and pain, which is what motivates me every day.

12+ years
Experience in physiotherapy, including working in the ICU, general medicine and surgical units at Woodstock Hospital.
1 on 1 visits without any assistants.
I specialize in multiple areas to best serve your needs

My Services


Our physiotherapy services are tailored to help you recover from injuries, manage pain, and improve your overall physical function.

Pelvic Floor Physio

Our pelvic floor physiotherapy focuses on treating issues related to pelvic floor dysfunction, such as urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, and sexual dysfunction.


Our orthopaedic services are designed to help you manage and treat conditions affecting your musculoskeletal system, including bones, joints, and muscles.

Many More

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This is what my great patients say about me

"We highly recommend her and would never go to a clinic again."

Sandra with Home Health Physio provides an amazing and professional in home service that our entire family has been able to utilize many times.  Sandra is excellent in addressing and treating her patients and makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed during session.  Sandra has excellent communication and is extremely reliable, we highly recommend her and would never go to a clinic again for physio!

Jennifer M.
"Sandra is professional, personable, and highly skilled."

Her treatment plan is on point. She is a great coach and provides effective suggestions and next steps. I highly recommend Sandra!

Maria A.

"My bladder control is better than it has been in years!"

Sandra is a wonderful and upbeat person. She made me so comfortable (when I was actually very nervous). Sandra is very professional. In jur a few weeks of following her treatment plan my pelvic floor became much stronger and my bladder control was better than it has been in years.
I strongly recommend anyone who is having these problems to meet with Sandra and get your life back with no worries of leaking.

Jean T.
"Sandra was extremely helpful and very professional."

I required Sandra’s services when I had a total knee replacement.  She has a wonderful personality and is always cheerful. I highly recommend Sandra, not just for joint replacements as she has a broad  knowledge as a physiotherapist.

Susan M.
"Sandra is incredibly personable and skilled in providing care. "

She offers a variety of therapies and exercises catered to your level of fitness and physical abilities. I saw immediate improvements in my ability to perform daily activities. I was able to maintain this range of motion with Sandra’s recommended exercises and stretches to complete at home.

 Kristen S.
"Sandra is amazing, welcoming and energetic. "

She is dedicated and working hard to ensure that I will be 100% again. She gave me exercises and her treatments are working wonders. I would highly recommend seeing her!

Ryan F.
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Get Your Questions Answered.

Feel free to reach out at any time if you have any other questions or concerns.

Do I need to have an internal exam during my appointment?
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No, an internal exam is not always necessary. We will work with you to ensure your comfort and provide the best possible treatment based on the information you provide.

Can you have pelvic floor issues even if you've never had kids?
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Yes, you certainly can. Incontinence and other pelvic floor issues can occur for a variety of reasons, including genetics, lifestyle factors, and more.

Can pelvic floor issues be treated at any age?
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Absolutely! We have experience working with patients of all ages and stages of life, from young adults to seniors.

Do I only receive exercises during treatment?
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My approach includes a variety of treatments, including exercises, manual therapy, and education. We will work together to create a customized plan that fits your unique needs.

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